E-Newsletter Campaigns

E-Newsletter Campaigns


Email… Email… Email…

Even though social networks and group management tools are becoming a great way to communicate between large groups of people, business owners and individuals sometimes still need to create professional looking email newsletters to drive marketing campaigns (or keep beta testers informed about their latest web 2.0 service).

An emerging trend in online marketing is the e-newsletter. It is an effective way to reach customers who have already expressed an interest in your company and/or products, and it is an opportunity to influence the buying habits of these customers. When done correctly, it is seen by your customer as a tool rather than an invasive inconvenience. It is also a great way to leverage your other online and social media presence.

All of our e-campaigns have a very clear and easy opt-out message (because it is the right thing to do!) but because we work with our clients to craft meaningful communications with these customers, our opt out rates are sow low that they hardly register!